Everyone knows you start a diet on a Monday…

It’s been a few days since I last posted. Since the last post my pain has eased somewhat, the same is to be said for the bloating, and I’ve spent a couple of days planning my next steps to help myself.

The download of “Ultimate 90’s” songs to lift my mood has helped, along with herbal tablets to help me sleep and making firm decisions about how to self manage my condition has given me new drive.

So my plan!

I have previously tried “The Endo Diet”…or what I thought it was. Back in October I felt dull and fed up, the Dr had been very little help so I did a small amount of research and started a diet that was supposed to help, along with some herbal remedies.

The remedies I tried did not work, I can’t remember the names of 2 but the 3rd was Serapeptase. I read marvellous things about Serapeptase – it was a wonder remedy! The end to all my problems! It was Hell.

Three days into taking it I suddenly felt extremely fluey, nauseous and hot. I did some reading and it seemed I was in “Detox”. Serapeptase works by breaking down dead tissue, this sounded promising for a condition such as Endo where scar tissue formations are responsible for a large portion of pain but the problem was this break down causes a flood of toxins into the body which then results in “Detox”. I took no more tablets but felt worse throughout the day, by evening I was vomiting, aching and shaking. Many forums and advice pages suggested “bearing with the detox stage” as it indicated a large amount of toxins were being cleared and soon I would feel amazing (just as soon as I could leave the bathroom). The following morning I threw the box out – no thanks Geoffrey. I have no will power whatsoever, even less with my head down a toilet.

My new diet consisted of no dairy, no gluten/wheat, no caffeine, no alcohol (I already don’t drink), low carb, low sugar. I undertook the diet alongside G and within two weeks I was miserable.

It seemed to be helping but I love food, even more so, I love nice (read: naughty) food. Food I enjoy. I love chocolate, cheese, McDonald’s, potatoes, Yorkshire Puddings. I love pasta, chocolate mousse and bread. I adore coffee. Overall, I noticed a small difference, but not a reliable one and being someone that has never really dieted, my willpower broke quickly.

So fast forward 7 months or so. I have just experienced the mother of all bloat. I’ve had to take tablets to help my bowels (gross I know!), I’m exhausted, suffering insomnia and I basically feel rubbish. Something has to give.

Following support groups in recent months has shown me that my previous diet was not the exact diet I should have been trying. I had the basics right but there were other things to cut out – processed foods (I substituted a lot of favourite foods with supermarket Free From ranges), refined sugars and meat intake needs to be reduced with a total ban on red meat. Sigh. It is actually harder than I first thought. But many women have written of how much it has helped them – reduced pain and bloating, better energy levels.

So I have decided (extremely reluctantly) to cut all enjoyment unhelpful food out of my life. From Monday 25th June, I will be attempting 1 full month on an essentially Gluten Free, Vegan diet with no caffeine and dramatically reduced carb and sugar intake. I need to eat fresh, natural foods that won’t irritate and inflame my tummy. I have to keep some meat in my diet as being a very active person with a naturally high metabolism, I need to ensure I’m getting enough protein but I’m aiming to reduce my usual 7 day per week meat intake to 3/4 days per week.

It is going to be hard, I’m going to be an utter cow at first because I really do love my food (and caffeine) but I want to really give this a good shot. I have recipes downloaded, blogs saved and I’m researching the best places to source nuts, naturally gluten free flour, veggies etc from relatively cheaply. I have told G I want to do this alone this time (he’s a picky eater and I really think variety will be my friend as I adjust!). I’m doing my utmost to get excited for this next step.

Why the 25th? Well, I need a last Hurrah. I need to eat everything I’ll miss. My stomach needs to hurt. I want to reach Sunday GASPING for a salad. I want to enjoy that last Yorkshire pudding, the last McDonald’s or (swoons dramatically) that final KFC! I want to charge into next week feeling utterly terrible from all the shitty food I’ve eaten this week. I so so want to feel a difference.

And finally, most importantly…everyone knows you can only start a diet on a Monday!

So watch this space, keep everything crossed for me and if any of you readers follow a similar diet – all tips welcome!

4 thoughts on “Everyone knows you start a diet on a Monday…

  1. Good luck!!! For what it’s worth, I avoid red meat, soy, dairy, and caffeine like it’s the plague. I’m supposed to avoid alcohol, but I don’t. 😉 Red meat and dairy are a HUGE trigger for me. When I cheat, I can really feel the difference. Others cut out things like nightshades, eggs or gluten, but those don’t make a difference with my symptoms. I feel no better or worse.
    May I suggest instead of cutting it all cold turkey, pick one. Cut it out for three weeks, reintroduce it, and see how you feel.
    Start with red meat.
    Then dairy.
    Then soy.
    Then gluten.
    Then eggs.
    Then…caffeine! (expect withdrawal headaches for possibly a month)
    Then what did I leave out??? 😀

    Just like our illness, our diets are different for every person. Find what annoys the hell out of your Endo and tailor it.

    If you can drink caffeine and still feel okay, then keep drinking your caffeine. (Maybe just cut some out?…this is my Inner Mother Hen speaking…). I started drinking Teechino to trick my brain every morning until I could just get away with drinking herbal tea. (I still cheat with the occasional piece of dark chocolate…)

    Or many gals love their red meat, so they make sure they eat the good stuff: organic, grass fed, blah blah blah.

    My Mum has this killer butter that’s super-duper organic and healthy and grass-fed cows and all that jazz. When I cheat with my butter…’cause c’mon, that dairy-free butter sometimes just doesn’t cut it – but when I do cheat with my butter and cheat with this stuff, I don’t feel totally awful.

    But cheese? Oh man, I love me some cheese. I cheat with cheese and I die. That day. The next day. The next week. It varies. BUT I HAVE TO AVOID ALL DAIRY the week before my rag. I absolutely 100% have learned that I cannot squeeze in even a nibble of smoked ghouda. *sigh*

    Learn what annoys your body. One thing at a time. Cut that thing (or things) out. And learn what you can live with (if anything). 😀

    I’m blabbing.
    And you probably already have all of this advice.
    But here I sit and I can’t stop tying – these darn fingers have a mind of their own…

    Best of luck to you!


    1. Hey! Sorry for such a delay in replying! But I did read your comment and heeded it! I’ve mentioned you in my latest post for your wonderful advice.

      This week I’ve started dairy free (I know dairy is a trigger). Thank you so much! Xx


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