About Me, My Blog and Invisible Things

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Having not tired of boring friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, Dr’s, nurses and at times, downright strangers with tales of my woes as the sufferer of a painful and invisible illness, I have decided to create a blog  to bore, maybe amuse, support, inform and advise any passers by. I hope you find it just a little interesting (after all, the above have heard my stories many a time and there are only so many awkward responses they can give).

I am a 20 something girl suffering a painful, chronic and at times debilitating condition called Endometriosis. You may have heard of it, you may not have, but the fact remains you should have. The condition effects 1 in 10 women of reproductive age worldwide – chances are either you, or someone you know, is suffering. On average it takes around 10 years to obtain diagnosis which is just a fantastic statistic when considering the condition worsens the longer it is left untreated.

I am an otherwise active, happy girl. I work a full time job, hate Mondays, love Fridays, sleep and chocolate. I have a long-suffering fiance, two adorable cats and a gorgeous horse. My life pretty much revolves around these four important characters in my life, but there is a fifth character that demands a lot of my time and energy – my Invisible Illness.

I hope you enjoy reading about my life – daily trials and tribulations, small victories, long battles and the general outlook that helps me cope with the day to day life of fighting against pain. I hope someone finds a little support here, just a small moment of “I’m not alone”, maybe I can inform someone of something they didn’t know, make someone laugh on a bad day. The fact is, anything positive that comes out of me sharing my life will be a huge victory.

Read away, please get in touch should you have questions. Throughout my blog I will share various support and informational pages and for the time being I have created an Information & Support page which can be found on the main menu. Information specific to Endometriosis can be found there along with links to websites that may be of help.

“When it Rains look for Rainbows, when it is Dark look for Stars”